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 Patent # 6,871,718 issued 3/29/2005

TriKing conversions are very different from other conversions in many ways.   Each conversion incorporates all these features.

Leading front end design
When our conversion is installed it creates 2.5 degrees of additional lead change to the stock front forks by lowering the suspension height  and increasing the overall wheel base length at the rear.  This has the same effect as a steering head change without the cost.  A TriKing handles well at slow speed without sacrificing high speed response and still maintain a short turning radius. All trikes need additional lead to handle well; it's built into a TriKing at no extra cost.

Longer wheel base and lower center of gravity
Although the overall length of a TriKing is much the same as others you may look at, our wheel base is longer.  It's 8 inches longer than the GL1500.   By extending the wheel base we have given the passenger much more foot room than on other trikes.  As you can see in the photo to the left, the body and fender are behind the passengers feet.   

Although the wheel base is longer, it will still turn around on a 2 lane road.  A longer wheel base also puts the rear end behind the passenger rather than directly underneath, affording a much better ride.  A longer wheel base prevents us from having to build a wide trike to control outside roll in a turn.  This gives a much lower center of gravity.   (Call and ask us about how pleased our customer's are with front tire wear!)
Straight Enclosed Drive Shaft
A drive shaft must be straight to avoid undue stress on the u-joints, which will  result in premature failure of the joint because of vibration.  Drive shafts in the  GL1800 and GL1500, are straight.  They are maintained in the enclosed torque tube original to the bike.   This design affords the riders safety protection in the event of a drive shaft failure.  Straight shafts result in long life of the u-joints and no vibration.

Lower Seat Height by 2.5 inches from stock
Longer and lower converts to better handling.

Larger Trunk Space: 4.3 CF for the Touring Body and 3.7 CF for the Sport or Classic II Body.

Automatic Leveling Suspension (Negative roll means no outside lean.)
  The ...ALS... suspension can carry up to 1000 lb. of passenger plus load without worry of damage to the system.   

Retention of integrated braking
Honda's integrated braking is the next best thing to ABS.   
     A TriKing conversion being a longer wheel base and lower center of gravity than many other conversions, will not react adversely when intergrated braking is applied.

Additional passenger seat space
Rear upper tour pack can be moved back up to 2 inches; just ask at time of purchase and we'll do it free.

We have the only Trike with replaceable fenders!!  You can buy a fender when damaged, try to buy one from other Trike manufacturers!!

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