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...ALS... Now Standard!!!   Read about It.

$10,995.00 Installed
Includes:  Trailer Hitch, Carpet, Mud Flaps, Chrome Fender Edging and Patented Leading Front End Design.
 Shipping FOB Daytona Beach, Florida.

Classic II Fender

         Classic II Fender and Body Styling
Two-Tone Paint/Pin Striping (available option) under clear coat.

                    Classic Fender with Sport Body

 New ... ALS... Automatic Leveling System.  Patent # 6,871,718

The new TriKing ... ALS... suspension automatically adjusts itself regardless of load and road conditions.

Whether you're pulling a heavy trailer or riding by yourself, the ... ALS...  knows the difference and makes the adjustments.   The suspension will instantly adjust itself to maintain ride stability and performance.  The patented suspension  provides a Constant Controlled Response.

Exceptional handling is always present on a TriKIng with ... ALS ... as it controls not only ride height but outside roll and front end lead while giving the most comfortable ride of any TriKing we have ever built !!!!

This type of suspension system, normally found on top of the line luxury autos, is now available on TriKing conversions.   

Various fender styles and tail light treatments are available; you can customize to you own taste.

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Classic Fender with Wrap-Around GL1500 bag lights.
Touring body has 4.3 cf of storage;  3.5 inches longer than Classic II sport body                  

             Full Chariot Fenders
           Sport Body  3.7 cf.       
                                   Shorter body length, same great look. (Wrap around Light)
                                            Wheel no longer available.                                 

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