Several years ago I got to ride a new Honda Gold Wing GL 1800. I was very impressed with the motorcycle. The one thing that I did not like about the Honda was the seat height. It is a big motorcycle and weighs in around 800 pounds. The only time that this was a concern was while parking or stopped at a light. My poor toes would have liked a massage at the end of day. Not with the Trike. After you mount, you never have to put your feet down again. Not even to back it up. All of the Honda Gold Wing motorcycles provide a reverse. How nice. I understand that they also offer reverse on some of the Harley’s that they convert. Anyway, after I started across the parking lot, I ran over a recessed sewer lid. What a strange feeling to have the bike lean without having to correct for the lean. You just keep going straight without giving it a second thought.
After turning onto a two lane rural road the bike felt great. I did notice, and I was warned, that when you turn you have to allow for the wide rear end. When I turned the corner I noticed that the inside tire comes close to the curb. Riding through the country was a blast. You just sit there and enjoy the ride. The Trike runs down the road like it is on rails. Straight and solid with only the occasional dip in the pavment to remind you that you are not on a motorcycle as you lookout over the handlebars.
    Stopping at stoplights and parking could not be easier. You get to sit there in complete comfort. No concern about putting one or two feet down to hold up your ride. You feel as though you have more time and you can look around more. Now with the Honda Gold Wing, you have more options than most people have in a car. This is a great time to fiddle with the radio or seat or handle grip warmer. Or, if you have a GPS you can fiddle with it and not be bothered by holding up your bike. And also riding a two wheeler you spend more time looking for good pavement.
    The only thing that I did not like about the Trike was I found that while turning in town, you have to apply a fair amount of pressure to the handlebars to make sharp turns. It will turn, no problem, but the resistance is noticeable. I was told that the Gold Wing is the only Trike that they have a cure for . If you rake the front-end a little, (with an existing optional kit) the trike turns like it has power steering. On this Trike I would recommend the kit as I was not used to steering a motorcycle by pushing and pulling on handle bars instead of leaning.
    The on-ramp to the interstate was a great treat. This three wheeler runs down the ramp at a great clip. It is not as fast as the Honda Gold Wing motorcycle, but it runs pretty strong. Again it is solid and comfortable. You can tell there is a differential under you, but it is not a distraction. On the interstate the Trike gives you a great feeling of stability. If you tend to look around, you do not wander around in your lane as you sometimes do on a motorcycle.
    On the highway it runs down the road straight as an arrow and making lane changes is a breeze. This Trike is as comfortable as sitting on a couch. But you still have the wind in your face and the roar of the six cylinder Honda propelling you down this concrete path.


A fun machine for sure and really great looking. If you ever wanted a Trike, you do not have to give up your ride. We can convert your motorcycle, provided it is a Kawasaki or Honda. I did not have any sensation that there would ever be a problem with the inside wheel coming up. You would really have to work at getting it off of the ground. This Trike corners like a cat. One other thing that is great about this ride is that it will provide a new market to some people that can’t ride a conventional motorcycle. As they say, it is all the same wind and more people that can enjoy the motorcycle arena the better. The other great benifit of a Trike is a more secure feeling for your passenger, and more freedom to move around without upsetting the driver.